Video: Happy New Year! Sabbatical for John, and the P*rn Free Man Conference

Video: Happy New Year! Sabbatical for John, and the P*rn Free Man Conference

Text transcript of video:

Happy New year!!!

We spent our last moments as a family together in 2023 with another family with young kids like ours we have recently befriended locally and it was special for us.

Christmas thoughts…

What a Christmas. We are so end this year in our home with having moved in after rebuilding from the Flood… just priceless. So Grateful for that.  Best Christmas gift in a long time! The real pensive thing I (John) had on my mind this year was from a writer I’ve been following lately.  She writes, if Christmas is about Joy, then Advent is about Longing. That’s all I’ll say about that for now. 😀

The Porn Free Man Conference online this weekend!

So Last year during the first weekend of January, while our home was all demolished from the 4 foot mark down to the studs, I hosted a few men over my home from up to an hour or more away to watch a special conference online together. It is called the Porn Free Man Conference. It’s about giving men hope and actual freedom through Christ from the power of pornography and unwanted sexual behaviors in their lives … and doing that through community with other men who desire the same, led by Drew Boa, the founder of Husband Material Community! We had these men at my home in person, while thousands of men logged in online to watch the webinars and participate in the webinar chat together to begin to heal from these things that are rarely addressed in our spiritual communities / missions/ and churches.  It left an impact on me personally not only to attend the conference , but to have shared meals in person with men from the area. One of whom, I had never met before, but met and invited online through the Husband Material community.   So this year, we are meeting up again and Drew Boa is hosting the conference online again at It’s beginning Friday night, 1/5, at 7pm until 10pm, and then again more sessions on Saturday morning from 10am until 6pm Eastern. PLEASE share this FREE event with anyone you know who is looking for freedom for himself or a loved one.  


My next update is that After 15 years of ministry full time, I just started taking a sabbatical of 2 to 3 months. I’ve got some amazing opportunities to do three things during this time: Spiritual Renewal, Life-giving Connection with others, and Physical Rest. A mentor within our mission highlighted these things for me and I’m grateful for that. I’ve begun an online course on sabbath rest and sabbatical and also a weekend intensive scheduled for the end of January with dear brothers in the Husband Material Community I’ve been spending a lot of time with these past couple years.  If you would like to invest in this special chapter of my life in sabbatical , one significant way you could do that would be to pray for me during this time for those three things I mentioned: Rest, Spiritual Renewal, and continued Life-giving Connection.  I’ve found many distractions pop up during this time, and that’s distracted me at times. Pray against those as well.  If you want to give towards defraying the cost of the intensive coming up, that would be amazing. It is $1750.  You can give a special gift through our mission at
Thank you to all of you who gave generously this year so we could continue to help men and their families heal in safe, brave spaces, from the trauma and pain underneath unwanted sexual behaviors.
From Ellen and I and our family to you and your loved ones: Happy New year! and we hope you begin this year feeling God’s delight and power to be Jesus to your world around you…

stay tuned for more updates!

Give towards john’s sabbatical intensive

Merry Christmas from the Fleming Family!

Merry Christmas from the Fleming Family!

Merry Christmas From all of us in the Fleming Family!

2023 is ending for us with celebration, redemption, and new beginnings.. as well as several unfinished house projects(left from Hurricane Ian), chaos, and disappointments! 

“Choice” is a fitting word for us this year. Choice can be simultaneously freeing and crippling. Perhaps you experienced a lot of both in 2023 too! We consistently needed to regroup, refocus, and lift our eyes upward often.

Our prayer is that we would both be able to choose the best, right thing for our hearts and minds, no matter the circumstances, as we navigate 2024. We continually find ourselves intrigued and captivated by the many facets of God’s Christmas gift! His choice to gift Jesus to the world ultimately changes everything! God modeled a difficult choice with us in mind and every year we find ourselves enthralled anew!

From all of us,

John and Ellen 


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