Video: “Just knowing I’m not alone gives me hope!” And other stories from the Husband Material Retreat 2023

John gives a 4.5 minute video update from New Hampshire including stories from the Husband Material Retreat last month

Merry Christmas from the Fleming’s!

Merry Christmas From all of us in the Fleming Family!
October 13 | 3am

October 13 | 3am

Day 11 of recovery from Hurricane Ian flooding: THE FLIPPIN' FLOOR SCRAPIN' , FLOORBOARD PRYIN', FOREARM BUSTIN' FUN IS FINISHED! And now... to vacuum and spray bleach solution everywhere and get contractors to come ring up a total for us on the new construction to...

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October 10 |  5pm

October 10 | 5pm

OCT 10 update 5pm- Day 9 of recovery.. I have a case of the mondays.. but not the normal tired mondays.. like I’m exhausted mondays! We skipped coop- mostly because my heart can’t handle the newness of new friends right now and I knew John wouldn’t be able to take...

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