October 8 | 10pm: Kindness and Casseroles and Crazy Makers

by Oct 8, 2022Family, Hurricane Ian

Flood Update sat 10 PM 10/8 recovery day 8 –

All I can say is..

The kindness of friends carries me and Jesus enables me to extend that to others! It’s was a crazy day. Can I give a shout out today to the amazing counselors and friends that I’ve had that have sat with me and helped me in the process of healing over the years! You are my unicorns and I love that you have taught me to see people because you have seen me when I didn’t see me!

Everyone has a story and it’s a privilege to see others!

How do we have so much stuff everywhere?! Like what do you do with the random cup that you find in a cabinet? How do you really pack up tools in the garage.. like you might need them but you need to do the walls?! It’s a crazy maker!

Today I poured water ONTO the floors to wet them to actually get them up. Because those left had dried and now weren’t easy to pull up.. talk about your body remembering.. I felt big feels pouring water and seeing water sitting on floors! I didn’t expect it.. yet it happened! I had to breath and it was almost a crazy maker ..

Tonight our friend brought us a casserole!

We ate and had so much left. I delivered some to a neighbor that came to mind… we have so many single women on our street.. this ended with me sitting on a porch and listening to stories.. stories that included trauma and hard things. I listened and I shared some of my stories.. I left with a full heart because it was a privilege to hear her stories and even more awesome to feel connected in hard things!

Sure we are processing loss different but she invited me to share tools in the midst of hard things.. while I think my normal strategies are known by all.. they might not be.. and I feel super blessed to have sat in my neighbors yard tonight with her friend and invited into sacred spaces.

It’s a mess here , but it’s a beautiful mess and while I never would have asked for this.. I’m embracing it moment but moment. Tonight we made a fire and a neighbor walking her dog let us borrow sticks & handed my kids marshmallows.. and a friend today brought hotdogs just in case for lunch that we were able to roast for what my 6 year old would call “second dinner”… man my 6 year old can eat!!!

Not everything that has come on Amazon is labeled.. so we would love to thank everyone…. My self is struggling with generic thank yous.. you all are really amazing and we are beyond grateful!

My kids feel loved and seen and it’s because of you all.. they see how they are cared for from afar and near and our neighbors have commented how they have seen so many friends helping and have felt cared for by us! Thank you! Really thank you!

We are almost done with floor tear up (our friend secured a rental of a floor scrapper yay! ) our kitchen was gutted today.. and we have only a couple smaller walls left.. vacuuming and dry out starts this week! Then dreaming for rebuilding ..

I’m also grieving.. I love a bathroom window but we have terminate damage and it’s around the window.. we prob need to lose the window in the bathroom shower.. I’m more taken back by the surprise losses..

I’m humbled by the updates to my Amazon list of random needs being met.. like car organizing and seating for my new outdoor yard life!

This is a crazy life.. today I almost sobbed when our street was turned into a one way for better traffic flow and I watched the fema pick up trucks drive by my pile because their truck was full.. I wanted my trash gone.. it’s a visual reminder Of all the loss.. my heart craves normal, my heart also longs for a place that feels like home.. and it’s a real deep reminder of how raw unexpected loss is and how temporary life/things on earth really is!

We are taking one day at a time. There’s again normal and not normal. Like our kids soccer pics!!! And outdoor evening fires.. I wanted to share these pictures for glimpses because I want you to see what happening here!

Again.. thanks for reading !! Notice that dove chocolate saying!!! My kids thought it was super cool! ❤️ I agree!


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