October 8 | 1pm: The Little Things that Get You

by Oct 8, 2022Family, Hurricane Ian

So it’s been a roller coaster.. I have so much to share.
Today we didn’t have anyone working on our house.. so MM and I got to bring some neighbors pancakes and just listen!
I got to knock on a family’s door and offer to replace some usborne books because a friend offered to help the neighborhood (and we literally only have 7 families.. we do live in an older community! 🤪) anyway here’s a glimpse in the drive in.
Today was the first day I didn’t cry driving in.. so you’re welcome?! You can actually make out my words and I wasn’t sobbing ha!
I’m SO grateful for friends!!! Also as we finally got a rental I realize man we lost all the things in our van too!
The moments of surprised loss are the hardest.. like when someone spills a snack on the floor and you can’t find the little vacuum.. ahh.. More on neighbor life and interactions coming.. my heart is full but my body is still weary!
We do have some needs for shop vacs and fans if anyone is coming tomorrow it should be our dry out days ahead!!! The gutting is almost done.. but it’s mess everywhere!



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