October 3 | 1am: Community and Unity

by Oct 3, 2022Family, Hurricane Ian

1am monday 10/3 update:

Woah .. it’s hard to capture today… so many things happened… but I’ll focus on community and unity!

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows in New Smyrna Beach today, though some people got a sunburn because it was pretty sunny!

It was a beautiful mess. I’m not good at picture taking so I’m grateful others were today. You will see some tagged on my profile I think.. Which reminds me I think I need someone to take pictures of the beautiful moments and the stuff I don’t see that I want to!

When the day was wrapping up and I realized how many crew shifts had arrived I was overwhelmed. I truly mean overwhelmed in all the ways. I watched people I just met, people I met this year, people I met this past month, and people from Orlando (like over an hour away!)…  loading totes and moving furniture, cutting drywall and tearing up floors! so many things all at once.

I’m a question asker.. it’s just in my DNA and I actually can admit it and now appreciate it about myself. Sometimes my questions expose others and sometimes they feel like a warm hug. I would prefer the latter, but it’s up to the the receiver’s heart/body.

I had been asked questions all day. I didn’t get to ask questions .. it was more directive engagement ..Well,  maybe I did ask but it didn’t feel like it!

So while we sat with a handful of friends to pause and eat I asked a question.. “what was your favorite moment today?”  Then I got the privilege of listening.  And the additional privilege of watching those around me take in what the others were saying. I love story, I love perspective, I love the safety of a community that does these things well. The adults could have placated me, but I’m grateful they didn’t! Kids don’t lie, and my youngest said his favorite part was the Gatorade! There were tears and laughter as people shared, my one daughter even gave us a reenactment of her moment AND that was super fun to watch!

It was beautiful ! we all had a shared experience today and yet our own experiences AND there was space for all of the things together today.  These things brought closer connection for each other and unity that couldn’t have been created in its own without the group.  Even the one claims adjuster said he’s never seen this many people all working together like this on a house.. AND the kids doing demo! I mean that’s how we roll.. Kids as young as 8 with crow cars and hammers.. only one time did someone make an additional hole in excitement. AND no injuries!!!

I’m humbled that I had ladies today willing to enter grief with me in whatever way I needed to grieve..

for example… my walking out of a room with a old window from my 1920s house in NY (that never made it to the wall) and declaring I needed to grieve this and that included talking about the quotes written and the sadness felt when this item needed to go to the curb

or the my moment of silence for my instapot (you read that right) that needed to go to the curb but is/was such a huge part of how my life functions with kids and all the things.. remember that proper meal post.. thank God this child thinks an instapot meal creates a proper meal!     

My point is.. community sits in grief with you and says I’m here and I’m all in! … but it also requires bravery and courage and honestly to share a need and be authentic.. that’s the only way I can do life right now.  its also a gentle reminder to me of how privileged I am to have been on the receiving end of others grief as they have shared with me and the beauty of just sitting not fixing!

There’s so much to be done it’s hard to see where we have come from.. Tomorrow morning our family needs to sleep in and we won’t “go work” til the afternoon. IF you were planning a surprise visit I love you for that.. can you shoot me a message so we can plan or I can just tell ya where the stuff is to rip up floor boards

Updated needs: (label anything you would like returned)

-maybe a dozen or so clear totes (these are easier for some of the everyday items left I’ll need to find quickly too!

-fans!! All the fans!

– a couple shop vacuums

– dehumidifiers

– a couple black sharpies

– ear plugs (demo is loud)

-safety glasses

-dust masks

-some meal coordination for when people are helping or at the least for my kids so I don’t have to think or remember what time it is ?! Too vague?!

– anyone have an RV they wouldn’t be willing to share? We would love to have an option to stay outside our house for a couple months while we rebuild.

I think I’m finally gonna do the Recovery Amazon list.. it’s humbling but after the reality of today there are some items I need to function now and I know I’ll need soon too! I’ll do the now list..

Anyone have a norwex cloth connection? Just curious, I need to replace some.

THANK YOU deeply for the items people have sent and given. We have work gloves, waters, contractor bags, so many totes into storage.. all because of you!

Specific prayers:

-My kids would feel seen/felt while we are so busy!

– our flood insurance would send someone out to inspect asap. Our home owners did come out today and I was shocked they cover some of the items not under flood!

-we found mold in bathroom wall pray for safety and provision to get that done and cleaned out well.

– decision fatigue..  it’s real , I couldn’t remember friends names and not new new  friends.. I’d love some extra clarity!

– for health and sleep .. our kids especially are feeling cruddy an they need rest. Their lungs and bodies have gone through a lot !

– for wisdom to know what normalcy they need and which boundaries to have for everyone

-more side of the road convos with neighbors that are amazing

Thanks for reading friends! I hope my next update is sooner than 1 AM next time!



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