October 2 | 2am

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2am Sunday 10/2 update.. the roads are looking clear!!! HUGE news we got power back just before ending our late night! It was familiar and yet unreal all in one.  It feels like so much happened today and yet so much to do!

I can’t even begin to express how amazing it is to be sleeping at a familiar space after visiting/ working at our torn up house.. I don’t even know if I have words for that yet! Coming soon?!

We feel beyond cared for.. needs I didn’t even know I had are being met in the moments they are felt.. it’s such a new space for me to be surprised by feeling a need and watching it be met so quickly.. I don’t even know how to express this fully.. it’s literally that crazy! Shocking for some of you reading this I know!   the words will come I hope!

For example.. I realize we need a storage unit(for totes) Only a small one is available a couple miles away.. I get there and realize I don’t have a lock.. ugh one more thing to add to the list.. as I’m processing this a woman and her 2 year old are standing there checking out of their unit and she says oh I’ll give you our lock, we are done with it ! ..please take it..  wow!

Today I gained a new friend who is becoming my unofficial demo guy.. he doesn’t even know it yet.. or maybe he does he’s a gift! He’s done this flood stuff for years with GAIN and thank God he relocated with his family recently to Orlando.. I’m not gonna say for me.. but I mean can you all think of a better reason our paths have crossed?!  Haha

Today was filled with so much familiarity and new all in one. Loved seeing faces that I ”know” and new friends too! I think that’s a perfect picture of what this all feels like. It’s not new to pack up a house.. but it’s way new because of a disaster.  It’s not new to see friends or invite new friends over.. but it’s very new and even uncomfortable to sit in this space and not feel like I’m the host of a meal but rather I’m sitting at a meal I didn’t prepare or even think about offering..

Today community was key. Mixed in I got the insurance company to come out sooner (for anyone curious.. half our house “value” has flood but let’s be real what will that really cover?! anyway I digress.. And it’s on my containment shelf for after the walls are gutted!  and on that call when she initially told me later in week an adjuster would come out.. I said really that’s the soonest? (Guys, what?! I asked her as if it was a walk in urgent care visit and it should have been same day without thinking! I’m laughing even now about it.. ) well the agent asked “so your house is unlivable?! “ I tell her I have kids and no it’s not, air quality, power out, I’m cutting walls already and dragging furniture to curb!! I then look at my “new demo guy” and ask him.. “it’s unliveable right?!”

Like I’m not crazy? Give me a thumbs up guy… please?! We did just see water pour out when we cut the wall right?! I do smell mold and have no power?

He smiles the warmest smile and said “yes, this is considered unlivable.. “ can I highlight this for a minute.. this is what trauma does.. you second guess, you wonder if it really happened?! Do YOU sound crazy? Are you making this us?

No no I wasn’t . I needed to tell that agent I have kids and it’s unlivable and it’s the truth.. I know trauma is a crazy maker, I know my brain is exhausted from decisions and over functioning.. all true.. but also sometimes you just need to feel seen and that kind response was just what I needed when I needed it and I had no idea I had a need for it!

Updated needs:

-packing paper for dishes.

-So far we seem to have what we need to load and store the items- I got a small storage unit to hold the totes for now..

-maybe someone to coordinate meals ? I can’t seem to remember to feed my family. It’s embarrassing I didn’t even realize til a friend showed up with dinner !   this feels a little complex and yet our needs have been being met!

– I prob need to start gather those who know how to do drywall and such for 2-3 weeks out? And any expert tile layers? designers for help imagining /fixing some kitchen/bath things when we redo that part..

– we have a new to us pop up camper.. but I’m curious if anyone has a real RV we could borrow/live in outside our house while we work on it? I’d love to use our pop up to temporary guests who stay late to help or there has been talk of a couple friends flying in to help?! plus kids have a safe house to be in while we work on other things.

-ideas to help kids stay busy when at house with us (we don’t usually rely on screens.. ) which reminds me we did lose a bunch of our creative building things like brain flakes..

-someone who can help us with our blog it feels overwhelming but necessary for updating and all..

-someone who can help me make a make shift ballet area outside? Seriously our oldest is so sad she hasn’t been able to practice ballet for hours a day and we need some like mat to dance on and a bar?! I’m at a loss but anyone like looking at Pinterest and making it happen?!

– any other suggestions you beautifully creative people have ?

Message me or text I’m just a little slow with replies..

Please pray for:

– our physical health. The kids are developing coughs.. allergies from all the things and just gunk in that house area!

– us to journey well… staying present with ourselves and others. Knowing when to pause and when to go full speed ahead!

– for wisdom on how to help our kids do normal things and yet balance the work now and ahead.

-chances to see our neighbors and to remember to pause to see them too!

If you have read this far you are amazing! I don’t even know what to say.. 

oh and a few pics from the day!!!



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