October 2 | 11pm

by Oct 2, 2022Family, Hurricane Ian

We got power last night! Several friends helped us

  1. a) pack up everything into bins for a newly rented storage unit or bring our furniture and other affected items to the curb/trash
  2. b) cutting off four feet of Sheetrock in all rooms and baseboards, etc(demolition)
  3. C) hammer /pry up our soggy hardwood floors throughout the house.
  4. D) rest and sit with us in the midst of it all.

We are so blessed and amazed at the thoughtful messages and kindness and even some financial gifts from so many of you all! Here’s a video and some photos.

The work continues tomorrow afternoon!! We don’t know who is available in the afternoon but we need a break until then because we are getting sick and underslept. Gah!

In the midst of our hope and seeing the “light at the end of a long long tunnel” , we are sad to see hardly any other folks doing much to clean out and haul junk out. We have the largest piles of soggy house “things” and tree limbs hauled and debris. While our neighbors are not really able to do much or don’t have help.

We hope to connect so many who want to help to those who need it. So many elderly and retirees never bought flood insurance because the area hasn’t ever been flooded this far inland. In four decades or more.

So let us know if you want to come and help any of our numerous neighbors whose homes are just growing worse and worse by the day with mold in the walls. eventually their homes will be condemned if they don’t get help soon.

Who knows when the governmental programs will take effect!! We haven’t seen any official vehicles except for local city utilities . No federal/FEMA. No state. No county! Sad.

Please let us know if you want to help us help those who are in bad situations down here. We have no big fancy programs but we will be pretty busy for a while since we will have to wait at least three weeks at a minimum for our house to dry out once we have all the rot cut out.

And that’s while raising three kids/working from “home” and homeschooling with Ellen Fleming




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