Oct 1 11am

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Update 11:30am .. I slept 6 hours last night pretty soundly !

It’s amazing to me how much our body holds.. this morning when I was carrying laundry from the dryer to couch I dropped an item and my body went into full on panic.. it was holding the moment one of my kids dropped a fav stuffy into the water and I couldn’t dive fast enough to save it..  it’s a gentle reminder that kindness toward myself and each other is the best thing we can do! 

On the outside We look fine doing the things that need to be done.. on the inside we hold so much!

We can’t always pause to reflect, we sometimes just need to contain it.. I have an already full shelf of things from this week, but kindness to myself might mean building another shelf, setting out bins on that shelf and labeling them appropriately.. because right now the kindest thing I can do is say “I see you, that’s hard, that’s normal and ya know what.. you got a lot to do.. which top shelf bin does this go into for another day?!”  And then chuckle when I visualize a shelf with only the top full because I’m not sure how much I’ll put on the bottom for a while!

PRACTICAL needs from others for today and tomorrow and next days work!

We’ve got to dry the house asap! We do not have power yet, but we would like to start cutting drywall to stop the damage and dry out asap!

We are headed back later this afternoon to cut into walls to peek and see how high we need to cut. Likely 1-2 feet.. and we will remove all the doors asap..

Our first priority today and next days is to get things out and prepare the garage to studs to actually storage items in there.

We need:

-contractor garbage bags

-Dust masks

-Bleach (lots! For killing all the things and preping floors!)

-Plastic totes (for storing items we will keep in garage if you label I will totally return!)

-snacks for friends who come to help (this one my kids yell out yes!!!! to)

Tools :

-Generator to run these tools!

-Sheet rock cutters (or any saws with an adjustable -blade so we don’t cut thru wires!)

-Box cutter knives (to make clean edges after cutting drywall)

-fans (hopefully usable with generator)

-pry bars

-sledge hammers

-Circular saws (to cut floor up)

If you know what else to bring please do!

John wanted to do Our blog, but it isn’t up and running yet because we haven’t had internet til now.. and not sure how long we will be in this spot.. but my cell works .. mostly.. ha so feel free to let John or I know if and when you might be able to come help!

We are ready to dry out and do the whole put your mask on first before helping all the neighbors.. this morning I had a moment of realizing I can’t help others if my kids and I can’t live and breath.. and once we are down to studs and dry we can live in this space while helping others.. do the same steps next!

We live with many people over the age of 60. My neighbor a few doors down is 95 and his family isn’t coming to get him! Breaks my heart!


For electricity/power to do all the things inside

Awareness to live present and authentic in the mess

Kindness to myself and each other

Humility to accept that which feels way too lavish from others!

Stamina to sustain this next season of demo well

THANK YOU feels like not enough .. it’s a gift to be seen and felt in this season .. for those who know me well, you know I hate generic thank yous and words.. I’m still trying to articulate the depth of this in “feeling felt” by so many of you.. but I NEED to acknowledge that and say something.. I’m not into silence.. so please read thank you as the deepest most meaningful words you can!   Your kindness is truly sustaining me.. along with some unspoken heros who aren’t on social media




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