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We provide safe spaces where men struggling with unwanted sexual behaviors can experience hope and healing through Jesus Christ.  We do this through a variety of ways:

Individuals and Couples Coaching

Ellen is a Life Coach, who has received training in the certification process with ICF (International Coaching Federation).  She is passionate about serving individuals and couples who feel like they are not thriving in ALL of life.  Ellen loves to empower people to discover their unique design and help them to dream and set and reach their goals.  As a sidebar, Ellen is John’s greatest coach!

Couples Coaching

For Couples who are dating, engaged, newly married or married (for a long time), she coaches them with John towards discovering their unique personality mix and dreaming about where they want to be next in their relationship.  Then she often helps them in setting goals together to reach as a team where their relationship may be a little (or very much) stuck.  We believe it’s ok to be where you are at and let’s talk about and help you move towards where you want to be. Read more about Couples Coaching on Ellen’s site.

Confidential Small Groups for Men to Heal

John leads Recovery Groups for men from foreign cultures and american  minority people groups.  While John is an American guy from a typical northeastern suburban white/majority culture family, he is experienced in crossing cultures with sensitivity and care. He is experienced to skillfully engage the hearts and minds of the unengaged and unreached people groups and cultures of America and the world.  He leads most groups online through video conferencing or in a “hybrid” video/in person format.

Men (and women) are desperate for healing all over the globe. The global pandemic has changed major paradigms with these groups! Where in-person small groups for healing are few or inaccessible, virtual groups can catalyze the start of the heart-healing recovery journey.

Leadership Development and Mentoring

John develops Male Recovery Group Leaders who guide and lead men through the same heart restoration process they have already begun themselves. We cannot lead others where we have not gone nor healed ourselves.  You don’t need a counseling degree to help others get lasting freedom. There are few places to find great training to be a great leader.  Let’s work together to grow and raise up leaders who will leave lasting eternal legacies and will walk together in the dark and hard terrain where millions are desperate for wholeness and healing from their deepest wounds from childhood and first family dynamics.


Why not hear it directly from men who have experienced God’s work in their lives?


A man who serves in ministry full-time in Kenya


A man who serves in ministry full-time in Kenya

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Our Story  

We are originally from the northeast, but currently living on the Eastern Coast of Florida with our three kiddos!

Both of us have a story of redemption and meaningful, intentional healing of past wounds. It is through this emotional, and spiritual transformation that we have experienced much healing in the deepest spaces of our lives.  While we still feel like a messy work in progress in many ways, we also have a sense of excitement, knowing our stories can be used now.  We feel honored that Jesus would choose to use the pain and joys of our story for His glory. 

Our life experiences include some time in the business world as an engineer and an accountant and more than a decade of experience in student ministry with a large christian non-profit organization. We see how the Lord has been with us and directing us.  We are excited to be partners in life and on mission together in this new endeavor!












About Ellen

Ellen has developed a passion to come alongside someone who is dreaming about the future asking questions like, “What is my design in Christ for this chapter in my life?”, “Now that I have all this freedom, what’s next, Lord?” and “Who am I really underneath this addiction?” Ellen will step along side John in helping men to get freedom from sex/porn/work addiction to help them thrive in discovering their design in Christ. Together, we envision a process of deep, heart discipleship that we believe all humanity — those who are churched, those who don’t go to church, and those are are “dechurched” — should have a chance to experience in Christ through his Body and his Gospel for the Nations.

About John

John’s story includes coping with life through workaholism and other addictions. It was in the fall of 2014 that John began connecting with a small group of men who shared similar addiction struggles. As he walked with them through a trauma and addiction recovery process, he gained a lot of healing in so many areas of his life, including some he didn’t even know were broken. After three years he began to see life so differently and we began dreaming about how the Lord might use this part of our story to help other men to get freedom from addiction and find greater wholeness in Christ.

Partnership and Giving

We are so grateful that God has called us to this great adventure and yet we could not do it without the relationships, strategic partnerships, and sacrificial giving of so many amazing people and churches we are partnered with in this work.  We are always looking for ways to partner with others. Find out more by clicking the button below.  We hope that you might be one of those who might join with us in this adventure in some way, great or small!


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The Nathan Project
Pure Desire Ministries Intl

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